Article Submission

Editorial Mission: The editorial mission of Texas CEO Magazine is to invigorate business statewide by sharing relevant content, and fostering a community of Texas business leaders.
Readership: Texas CEO Magazine readers are business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and aspiring CEOs who want to assimilate useful information quickly. They want to stay current on issues that affect their business environment, companies and workforce. They want to know about trends and events that present opportunities to expand their business and network of peers within Texas.
A semi-monthly publication, each issue of Texas CEO tackles a specific c-level topic, such as healthcare or corporate culture, by offering smart, general interest stories that affect those in the corner office and those that aspire to be there.
We’re looking for factual articles that are relevant to different industries and focus on such areas as leadership, organizational change, strategy, operations, marketing, finance, managing people, biz development, etc.
Controversy, whistle blowing, unknown relevant facts, and business/consumer issues are welcome, too. We want to be informed, surprised, shocked and entertained, but most of all, we want knowledge about operating a growing and profitable business in Texas.
The tone of your article should be peer to peer, owner to owner, CEO to CEO.
Department Articles:

  • Between 650 to 1,000 words in length, Department articles are either penned by CEO’s, category experts, or department heads.
  • Word counts are flexible because quality counts more. Remember: lean and clean.
  • Designed to incite dialogue among all top level executives, every issue of Texas CEO will feature Department articles in the following areas:
    • People Matters: Articles on working with the people who are working for you
    • From the CMO: Insights, tips, strategies, and stories to strengthen a company’s brand and marketing department
    • From the CFO: Articles with advice on how to insure the financial integrity of a company
    • From the CIO/CTO: The latest trends in information technology, keeping company’s secrets safe, economies of scale through technology
    • Generation Integration: Insight to help business leaders successfully integrate multiple generations in the workplace
    • Biz Dev: Explores new ideas on building and growing revenue through strategy and leadership
    • Corporate Responsibility: How to give back locally or globally and be a good corporate citizen
    • Governance: Best  practices between the corner office and the company’s board
    • General Counsel: From M&A, to IP to litigation – how to work best with legal counsel to grow your business
    • Operations: Tips on process improvement, metrics, and ways to save money and improve efficiency
    • Leadership: Traits and tips on leading an organization
    • In Closing: Opinion, Commentary, Open Letters, and Futurist pieces
  • The content of Department articles should not be from a generalized business perspective, but rather, should have a strong viewpoint that speaks to the CEO from a specific department head within a company.  For example, if you’re writing a “People Matters” article, make sure you ask yourself, “Is this something an HR director is likely to share with their CEO and fellow HR colleagues?” If the answer is no, then the topic maybe too broad.
  • If you have an idea for a Department article, please send us a concise outline of about 250 words indicating the central message of the article, how it can be applied in business today, and a brief description of the highlights and flow of the piece.
  • Please do not submit a Department article proposal without familiarizing yourself with past Department articles and the editorial calendar.
  • Department articles are usually planned 2 months in advance, but we encourage you to submit compelling Department articles at any time.

Writer’s Credit:

  • By-lines are given to all freelanced articles. Please submit a brief bio (no more than 40 words) that includes a company website, along with a hi-resolution (minimum 300 dpi) head shot for possible reproduction in the “Contributors” section.
  • Author bios are welcome for articles contributed by industry experts who would like professional recognition and/or to share contact information with readers. Bio content should not exceed 20 words. Author bios appear in italics at the end of each expert-contributed article.


  • Magazine articles are rarely written in the second person using the words “you” and “your.” For example, instead of using the words “your organization,” use the words “the organization,” in a neutral voice. If you submit an article written in the second person, it’s likely to go through a severe edit.
  • We invite concise, lean, relevant, quick-read writing.
  • Get us into the subject quickly. Give us information we can use to build business, skills, networks, and marketplace awareness.
  • While you work, keep in mind the kind of reader Texas CEO Magazine serves. A straightforward, conversational style of writing will get more attention than literary prose.
  • Write to inform, not reminisce.
  • Humor is always welcome, where it’s welcome. Remember, truth yields the best humor – naturally.
  • Lastly on style guidelines – if you submit a press release, and put a CEOs name on it as the author, it will be returned. Please read submitted articles on our website for guidance.
  • Articles full of self-promotional copy will be returned for a rewrite or not published.


  • Use The Associated Press Stylebook for accuracy, clarity and consistency. It answers questions about acronyms, abbreviations, capitalization, spelling, punctuation, numerals, and includes Internet, business and media law guidelines.
  • On first reference to a person, give his or her full name. On succeeding references, refer to the person as Mr. or Ms.
  • Please use M.D. or Ph.D. or proper higher education degrees at the end of a name, rather than the Dr. moniker at the beginning of a name.
  • On first reference to a company, organization or agency, give the full legal name.
  • Spell out states names.
  • Please do not use the word “you” in the piece. (Instead of “you have employees,” “Business leaders have employees.”)

Fact checking:

  • We do not have a research department at Texas CEO, and as a contributor, you’re responsible for fact checking. However, we may contact sources to verify information and we require the following documentation with all stories:
    • Primary sources – people who give you information. List your contact’s name, phone number, and e-mail if available.
    • Secondary sources – newspapers, magazines, books and Web sites. List each source title, author, date of publication, page number (if from a book) and publication name. If you used information from the Web, list each source URL. If you used information from legal or court documents, scan and attach them to your e-mail submission or mail photocopies to Texas CEO – see contact info below.
    • While this may seem like overkill to some, this policy is designed to protect Texas CEO Magazine, you and your sources. Thanks for your cooperation.

Texas CEO Editing Policy:

  • We edit to suit style, content, length and readership.
  • We do edit to remove the second person references of “you” and “your.”
  • If we make substantial edits, we’ll do our best to e-mail a review copy to you. Please respond with comments by the dates indicated in the e-mail.
  • Changes in layout and magazine length may necessitate other changes in the story. Late in the deadline cycle, the writer may not see a final edited copy of the work before it goes to print.
  • Self-promoting copy for your client, your business or you will be edited out. Our advice? Don’t go there in the first place.

How to Submit an Article:

  • Windows and Macintosh users: save as .doc
  • Attach your document to e-mail and send to
  • Do not send your copy in the body of e-mail. Attach it instead

  • Required Article Format:
  • Margin: Left justified
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Point Size: 12-point
  • Spacing: 1.5 line spacing
  • Tabs: None
  • One line between paragraphs
  • One space between sentences

Article Content Guidelines:

  • Please, do not use text formatting except Italic for titles, headers, sub headers, publication names, and sparingly for emphasis.
  • Please, do not use tabs, indents, colors, tables, inserted diagrams, spreadsheets or images in your text document.
  • Footnotes: Footnotes should not appear in submitted articles. Any references to studies, etc. should be incorporated into the article body.
  • Fluency:  Writing style should appeal to a wide audience; it should not be academic in tone and/or structure.
  • Sidebars: Sidebars are strongly encouraged, particularly when providing readers with practical tips and/or advice.
  • Headings: For longer articles, headings within the body copy are encouraged for ease in reading.
  • Suggested – pull quotes and callouts that may be used to emphasize key points.

All Articles Should Include:

  • A headline (title)
  • A subhead (deck)
  • A byline
  • An author’s bio (Freelanced article, no more than 40 words; “expert-contributed” article, no more than 20 words)
  • A list of primary and secondary resources
  • Final word count

Submission of photos, renderings, charts and diagrams:

  • Include your name, contact information and article title with all image submissions.
  • Save your photos as .jpg, or .eps at 300 dpi. If they’re too large to e-mail, upload to us through You Send It. Call us if you have difficulty with transfers – 512-646-3478 x 104.
  • Save scanned renderings as Adobe® Photoshop®-compatible .tif or .eps. Set colors to RGB. If you make advanced touchups in CMYK, send it as such but watch your file size.
  • Save charts as .eps images or .jpg files in a separate document (MSWord/compatible or Adobe® Acrobat®) for reconstruction.

In general, Texas CEO does not pay for department article submissions. Any other arrangements must be made with the Publisher.

Pat Niekamp, Publisher

Texas CEO Magazine
P.O. Box 92436
Austin, TX 78709
(512) 646-3478