Texas CEO Magazine’s departments are structured as your virtual executive team, with articles focusing on best practices and relevant information that you can implement in your own organization.
From the CMO: With articles provided from an enterprise-wide marketing perspective, From the CMO educates executives as to innovative marketing practices to keep you abreast of what you should pay attention to.
From the CFO: In the area of business and finance, From the CFO provides content relating to capital, mergers & acquisitions, tax changes, venture capital, and more.
Biz Dev: Sales is the lifeblood of every organization. Our Biz Dev department explores the issues of sales development from hiring effective personnel to shifting your sales culture to increase revenue.
People Matters: Our Human Resource department, appropriately named “People Matters” discusses practical applications to keep your employees engaged and motivated to become better producers for your organization.
General Counsel: Our legal department is written by top Texas Attorneys and is designed to help you avoid pitfalls in your quest for organizational growth.
Generation Integration: One of the biggest issues we hear from CEOs is the integration of generations. There are different workplace motivators for Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y, and many leaders are stumped. Our Generation Integration department will feature strategies to help get the best performance out of each generation.
Governance: Communication with your Board is the focus of our Governance department. Texas CEO will provide articles that help you improve these communications to help you sell your initiatives to dealing with crisis.
Corporate Responsibility: Organizations in the future will be judged not only by their growth performance, but also what they give back to their communities. Each article in Corporate Responsibility will feature a Texas CEO that is doing something innovative in this area.
In Closing: Our “op ed” section includes discussions on political topics affecting Texas Businesses. We encourage you to get involved in the discussion, and if you disagree with our columnists–post your comments!